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Shipping Copilot

Shipping Copilot is a AI work tool for shipbrokers that increase efficiency and transform work. Shipping Copilot is built on machine learning and trained on recapitulation (recap) agreements for the shipbroker industry.  

Integrated into Microsoft 365 as a server side online add-in, shipbrokers can transform RECAP documents/email into post-fixtures in seconds.

Shipping Copilot comes with a built-in Named Entity Recognition (NER) language AI model and a domain specific ChatGPT model. 

Shipbrokers can extracts all principal entities as commission, owners, charterers, rates, laycan dates and more with NER and also ask ChatGPT directly from contents in emails. ChatGPT reads the email content and provide a detailed response.  .

Shipping Copilot

  • Shipping Copilot transform work, increase efficiency and creates insight for the shipbrokers, improving profitability for the stakeholders.
  • Extracted entities such as C/P Date, vessel, co-broker commission to mention a few are transformed and easily injected into a post-fixture solution, such as Shipping Online, as fixtures. 
  • Entities which constitute a fixture can be shared digitally in a standard format among all parties (owner, charterer, co-broker etc.) involved in a fixture.
  • There is also an open API that can be used for extraction of entities to be integrated with other post-fixtures solutions.
  • The NER AI model is based on a neural network and has been trained on hundreds of recaps and the training is continuously expanded with new recap variants.
  • In addition to the NER language model, there is a built-in domain specific ChatGPT model, creating shipping domain insights in seconds.
  • By querying ChatGPT with shipping business domains instructions, detailed information are provided in a friendly readable format.
  • Further AI-functionality in Shipping Copilot under development