one integrated solution
for all your shipping business activities 

Optimize post-fixture process with Microsoft Cloud solutions and artificial intelligence (AI)


Provide better financial control with Shipping Online Analytics

More than 30 financial commission, production and forward order book reports. All reports are interactive with many different criteria to select for presenting data in e.g. graphs, pie, bar chart, dashboards and tables.


Collaboration in the cloud

Customize your business Collaboration Site with news, projects, activities, business document, fixtures reports and share data with team members and partners from anywhere on any device.


Shipping Copilot - AI work tool

Increase efficiency for shipbrokers and profitability for the company. Transform recapitulation final agreements into post-fixtures in seconds, share recaps entities digitally by all parties and use ChatGPT to get shipping insight. Integration to post-fixtures solutions as Shipping Online.

Shipping Online Mobile App

Shipping Online with secure access on mobile devices (iOS, Android). Mobile access to post-fixtures, invoices, accounts, contacts, activities and analytics dashboard.


24/7 support worldwide

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Shipping Copilot

Shipping Copilot – Shipbrokers AI-work tool that transforms work

KYC with sanctioned list

KYC fixture compliance with customer and vessels sanctioned list

Mobile App

Shipping Online now as a Mobile App


24/7 support worldwide

Shipping Online is streamlining shipping activities for ship brokerage companies

Sales Insight & Vessel tracking

Access customer insight with sales opportunities, pre-fixture, email correspondence, shipping insight (Copilot) and Vessel tracking to stay ahead of the market.

Contract Management

From your Email App (Shipping Copilot) transform you recap into post-fixture in seconds. Get recap & shipping Insight asking Copilot. Digitise your recap between parties. 

Post-fixture & Invoicing

Create post-fixture & invoice the customer. Shipping Online automates the invoice plans from your fixtures. 

Fixture Compliance

Fixture compliance approval with updated sanctions lists on customer and vessels. Sanctions list are updated each day. 

Work-tool & Collaboration

Work from your Email Apps and Teams to collect and view your customer fixture, emails and documents from the business intranet & share it with your partners from Teams. 

Business Analytics

Provides financial data Dashboard reports to get business insight. Categorized in  production, forward order book, broker and customer sales with more than 30 reports with different views presented in matrices and clear graphs. 

Shipping Online Solution

Shipping Online - one integrated cloud solution

  • Shipping Online Business –  Customer sales (CRM) and post-fixture solution, invoicing, financial reports, vessel database and integration to different ERP and accounting system
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)  – Compliance team approval workflow of fixtures. Approval of fixtures with support of OFAC sanctions list with automatic updates on sanctioned accounts and vessels.  
  • Shipping Online Collaboration –  Microsoft 365  business intranet system, e-mail operation on fixture, document management, workflow and Teams integration
  • Shipping Online Analytics – PowerBI shipping dashboard for analytics, insight and financial reporting
  •  Shipping Online Mobile App with access to all of the fixtures, reports and customers when travelling
  • Shipping Copilot – Automate Recap documents to post-fixture in Shipping Online in few seconds. Includes an Shipping ChatGPT as a Copilot. Support  export to JSON and other shipping formats. API to other fixture solutions, 

What our clients say

Shipping Online is a modern shipbroker solution that integrates all our shipbrokers activities in one solution from all of our offices and companies worldwide. Automation of processes and use of AI save us costs on resources and IT-systems.
Lars Henrik Folke Ossum
Group CTO Astrup fearnley as
With Shipping Online we can work from anywhere and get access to all of our business fixture and files from the cloud and Mobile Apps. Collecting business activities in one solution together with 24/7 IT support from Iserv reduces our IT Budget costs.

Tim Jacobs
CEO london shipbrokerS UK

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